Steel Fixed Knot FenceField FenceDeer FenceCattle Fence

Steel Fixed Knot FenceField FenceDeer FenceCattle Fence

Short Description:

Model NO.: FY-w210
Transport Package: Water Proof Paper Inside and Plastic Outside, We C
Specification: horizontal/vertical wire 2.5mm knot wire 2.2mm
Trademark: FY
Origin: China
HS Code: 7314190000
Production Capacity: 1000000 Square Meters Per Month

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Product Description
Fixed knot field fence / 2.2mm Kraal Network 30m Roll

Introduction of Production:
Filed fence also can be called the cattle fence, grassland fence, sheep fence, farm fence,etc. It is with the great toughness, prevent slippery, compressive strength, corrosion resistance, windproof, rainproof regardless of how bad the natural conditions. Besides, it can ensure the service life up to decades years.
According to the different woven method, there are two main types.

Hinge joint knots fence:
The hinge joint knots is the most common knot in agricultural fencing. The knot is formed by wrapping the vertical stay wire pieces around the line wire at each intersection. This design can also absolve animal impact without damage and is the most economical knot choice available.

Fixed knot field fence:
Fixed knot field fence considered top-of-the-line as the fixed knot utilizes a separate piece of wire tightly wrapped around the line wire and stay wire, increasing the fence's vertical strength allowing for increased post spacing and making it very resistant to animal damage.
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Specification Data:
1.Materials: High-strength galvanized iron wire; High-strength zinc plated steel
2.Surface treatment:
Class A: Electro galvanized fixed knot joint fencing(zinc coated:15g/m²)
Class B: Hot dipped galvanized fixed knot joint fencing(zinc coated:30-50g/m²)
Class C: Heavy hot dipped galvanized fixed knot joint fencing(zinc coated:220-280g/m²)
3.Technical parameters:
Wire diameter and tensile strength:
horizontal wires: diameter 2.5 mm, tensile strength 1100-1300N/mm²
vertical wires: diameter 2.5 mm, tensile strength 600-850N/mm²
knot wires: diameter 2.2 mm, tensile strength 400-525N/mm²

Hinge Joint Knot Field Fence

(Top/Bottom Wire 2.5mm Other wire 2.0mm roll length 50m)


Level wire space(inch)

Unit weight


Roll dia(cm)

Warp Wire No.




Edge wrap wire Dia(MM)


4'+4 1/2'+5'+5 1/2'+6'+7' 19.3 25


3 1/2'+3 1/2'+4'+4 1/2'+5'+5 1/2'+6' 20.8 25


3 1/2'+4'+4 1/2'+5'+5 1/2'+6'+7' 21.6 25


4'+4 1/2'+5'+5 1/2'+6'+7'+8' 22.6 25


4 1/2'+5'+5 1/2'+6'+7'+8'+9' 23.6 25


3 1/2'+3 1/2'+4'+4 1/2'+5'+5 1/2'+6'+7' 23.9 25


4'+4 1/2'+5'+5 1/2'+6'+7'+8'+9' 26.0 25


31/2'+31/2'+4'+41/2'+5'+51/2'+6'+7'+8' 27.3 25


31/2'+4'+41/2'+5'+5 1/2'+6'+7'+8'+9' 28.4 25


31/2'+31/2'+4'+41/2'+5'+51/2'+6'+7'+8'+9' 30.8 25


10cm*13+15cm*2+20cm*2 47 25

1.Impact-resistant strength - the knots will not unravel, break, or slide.
2. Won't sag or stretch, even under snow/ice load or extreme temperature changes.
3. Resists rust & corrosion - lasts 3 to 4 times as long as standard farm fence.
4. Resists predator penetration.
5. Saves money on materials - longer distances between posts as compared to standard low-tensile two-panel fence systems.
6. Saves money on labor costs - knots are stripped on both ends of the fence, ready to tie. Saves 20-30 minutes per roll.

1.Deer farming, deer exclusion or any deer management and control application.
2. All types Exotic Deer.
3. High fence ranch management.
4. Hunting ranches.
5. Airport & roadside protection.

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